Thursday, 17 November 2016

Regarding future updates

Update 14/1: Finally finished compiling all my various Warhammer sources now (probably around 2000 pages in total, not including the army books!). This means I will be able to start working on the Kingdoms of Ind list again now, which will be released later this month.

Update 9/12: Finished with transcribing all White Dwarfs, thanks to everyone involved! I'm now currently in the process of doing the same with all the Citadel Journals and then the Campaign books. These should go a lot quicker though, so I'm currently keeping the planned schedule!

Just a heads-up that there will be a while without any new updates coming out. The reason for this is because I'm currently working on transcribing the contents of all relevant White Dwarf articles into Word format, which will take some time. After that I will also need to go through various campaign books and collector's guides and gather more background and art so I'm not missing any sources. I would expect all of this to take around a month or so, but with Christmas coming pretty soon, it could be a bit longer. I think I should be able to come out with some more updates around January.

In case any of you readers are interested in helping me transcribing the articles to make it go faster, feel free to send me an email regarding what army's articles you'd feel like working on and I can send you the files you need. Work will consist of editing out spelling errors due to OCR mistakes and divide the text into proper paragraphs (using the original White Dwarf article for help). The more help I get, the sooner I can start getting new updates out.

Here's a list of current transcription progress of the various armies, including those that you readers have stepped in to help with so far:
  • Beastmen - finished.
  • Bretonnia - finished.
  • Chaos Dwarfs - finished.
  • Daemons of Chaos - finished.  
  • Dark Elves - finished.  
  • Dwarfs - finished.
  • Empire - finished. 
  • High Elves - finished.
  • Lizardmen - finished. 
  • Orcs & Goblins - finished. 
  • Ogre Kingdoms - finished.
  • Skaven - finished. 
  • Tomb Kings - finished.  
  • Vampire Counts - finished. 
  • Warriors of Chaos - finished. 
  • Wood Elves - finished.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Spanish-to-English translator needed!

I'm in need of translation of an article about Anakondas's Amazons from Spanish White Dwarf 58, it's 3 pages in total. If you are interested, feel free to send me an email through the "contact" form to the right of the page. Thanks!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

New Hobgoblin update and 9th ed version out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Kheshig have the Vanguard rule.
  • Rhinox have a 5+ save.
  • Giants are ItP.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

New Halfling update and 9th ed version out now!

This update changes the following:

  • Short bows replaces bows completely (fits better with their size and fluff).
  • Removed Forest Strider from the army list (were already gone from the bestiary).
  • Lords of the Harvest 7 pts.
  • Moot Ogres does not have LA by default, 27 pts. Ogre Charge works like RH: OK.
  • Additional fluff added to halflings in the empire.

Monday, 24 October 2016

New Estalia update and 9th Ed version out now!

This update changes the following:
  • Estalian Steel removed (seeing as neither Dwarfs nor Elves have it, it does not really fit that human smiths would be able to make better weapons).
  • Pikes work the same as 9th ed (for 8th ed).
  • Pikemen may now have halberds.
  • Removed griffon upgrades.
  • Cheaper Aventuros.
  • Cheaper Rodeleros.
  • Sisters of Fury can no longer take javelins.
  • Sisters of Fury, Royal Guard and Black Watchmen have US 10+.
  • Juan Federico is now mounted by default. 
  • Some additional fluff for pikemen, rodeleros and genitors.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

New Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown update out now!

This update changes the following for DoW:

  • Light crossbows removed, replaced by normal crossbows (which fits better historically and with the models available).
  • Best money can buy no longer give AP, capped at 4+/3+ for infantry (so can never be better than full plate).
  • Added racial distrust to all non-humans except halflings.
  • Removed ASF from assassins, 60 pts.
  • Maneaters and Rhinox riders have the same profile as RH: Ogre Kingdoms.
  • Crossbowmen with handguns counts as special choices.
  • Gave Halflings short and nimble special rule instead of forest strider.
  • Several bugs fixed.

RoR changes:

  • Manann's Blades added.
  • Birdmen have normal crossbows. 
  • Amazons no longer have light armour.
  • Asarnil have Martial Prowess instead of ASF. 
  • Fighting Cocks have short bows, 8 pts/model.
  • Manflayers no have ASF or AP for their crossbows.
  • Wolfboyz no longer ignore penalties for stand and shoot.

On top of this, I am also planning on updating the RoR's that was included in various Citadel Journals over the years, along with other fan-made RoR's. The reason I'm not including them in this book is because they did not have any official models made for them, and are as such not as recognizable to the players. Hence they will get their own small document similar to how I have made the currently fan-made RoR's available. This will be later down the pipeline though, as I want to focus on the main books first.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Old-school Bretonnian units

Updated: Thanks for the feedback everyone! I will include the Brigands in the book since this was a unit most were fine with, and then I might make some expansion rules for the other units that people will be able to use in case they feel like it.

While perusing older White Dwarfs and army books, I've come upon some interesting things for Bretonnia that used to be part of their list back in 3rd edition, but was later dropped. These were mainly units that would fit well into a historical Hundred Years Army, but are debatable as whether or not they would fit in a Bretonnian fantasy army (Foot Knights and Peasant Levy are already included). As such, a debate is what I would like to have! I'd like your opinion on which (if any) of these units you would like to see included in the Bretonnian book:

  • Brigands - Bretonnia's version of Free Company, armed with light armour and a choice of crossbows, shields, halberds and great weapons. These would be a special unit, and would not have the Peasant's Duty. Stats are the same as men-at-arms.
  • Ballista - a basic bolt thrower.
  • Onager/Mangonel - basic stone thrower (so lower strength than the Trebuchet, but can turn and move)
  • Bombard (HERESY!) - a basic, unreliable cannon, that might not be allowed to pivot or move.

Right now, I'm personally considering at least the Brigands since that would allow you to have both crossbowmen (which, I checked, are actually never mentioned as outlawed in Bretonnia), peasant swordsmen, and peasants with great weapons. It also solves Bretonnia's no-mercenary issue (since historically, mercenaries were used a lot during the Hundred Years War) without necessarily breaking their policy on sellswords.

A Ballista likewise could work and give them some more varied fire power while still keeping them different from the Empire, though bolt throwers could be considered very taboo in Bretonnia since it was one that killed Gilles...

Onagers/Mangonels fit in the same way as the Trebuchet since they were all used at this time historically, but then again, do Bretonnia need another stone thrower?

The Bombard (again, HERESY!) is probably the one that would be most sore in people's eyes, since Bretonnians seems to universally abhor gunpowder. Still, it would give them something new, and fits historically speaking, though only just (I'd estimate Bretonnia to be based around 1300's France, Bombard saw battle in 1346 at Crecy).

So, what are your thoughts? Should any of these be included?