Sunday, 23 April 2017

New Bretonnia 9th Ed update out now!

This contains the same changes as the 8th ed update. Let me know of any transission bugs that might have occured due to having to remake it from the 8th ed version rather than just updating the current 9th ed version.

Also uploaded a new version of the 8th ed book with some minor changes based on feedback from the last update.


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  2. This is not related to Bretonnians, but to Dwarves: given that you're working some AoS models into the Old World setting and given that GW will likely discontinue Dwarf models, can you consider replacing the gyrocopter and gyrobomber with equivalent airships? Looking back to Oldhammer airships were the thing before some GW "genius" got it into their head to start steampunking things. I wouldn't recommend them being aethyr ships (or whatever they're called) and some cool conversion work might be in order, but I think they would fit well.

    1. No need to worry, there's is already a Thunderbarge in the the Dwarfs' Ravening Hordes list ;)